Turnkey Webcasting & Multi Camera Solutions

Event On Air, Vancouver’s premium webcasting service provider, brings everything together in a ready-to-go package. This way we ensure you never have to deal with technical details about the live webcast or the multi-camera recording. Just inform your viewers about the date and the web address of the live stream, and forget about the rest.

We will be taking care of everything while you’re dealing with your event!


Finding The Suitable Solution For Your Event

Your event could be a concert, a seminar, a conference, a business forum or just a birthday party! We handle each event as a separate case and come up with the most appropriate production plan. Here are some questions we ask ourselves during this process:

  • How many cameras are going to be used during the event?
  • How is the audio going to be organized?
  • What are our external inputs other than cameras? Any PowerPoint presentations, for instance?
  • How is the Internet connection going to be provided?
  • What are the advantages / disadvantages of the event location?


Rich Options For Distributing Your Content

We could present your content to your viewers in multiple environments. Your viewers will be able to watch your event by using one or more of the following options:

  • A dedicated Event On Air website branded for your event. Your Event On Air page includes a chat box and other social media tools such as Twitter feeds.
  • http://eventonair.ca/i-am-dating-a-much-younger-woman/
  • Your own website. We can provide you with the embed code of the live stream.
  • Your Facebook page. We can embed the live video in your Facebook page.


Multi Camera Event Recording

You might not want to webcast your event. Maybe all you need is to get it taped by using a multi-camera recording system. Event On Air will give you a copy of your event in a flash drive at the end of the day.