Premium Webcasting Provider of Ottawa

We can! Event On Air is proud to offer multi-language closed captioning service for its live webcasts. Your viewers can choose whether they want to see the captions in English or in French.

The number of cameras and the structure of the setup depends on the needs of your event. We can easily do one camera live broadcasts or use a five-camera setup and a jimmy jib.

We could present your content to your viewers in multiple environments. Your viewers will be able to watch your event by using one or more of the following options:

  • A dedicated Event On Air website branded for your event. Your Event-On-Air page includes a chat box and other social media tools such as Twitter feeds.
  • Your own website. We can provide you with the embed code of the live stream.
  • Your Facebook page. We can embed the live video in your Facebook page.

It is a service we offer for free. We prepare a branded site for your event and install the live video in it. This helps you if you don’t have your own website, or don’t want to deal with the technical side of embedding. With the help of your dedicated Event On Air page you are ready to go!

To see a sample Event-On-Air page please click here!

Your dedicated page consists of the following elements, all of which could be customized:

  • A private address such as
  • A page header designed for your event
  • A background image or colour that will help branding your page
  • A video segment carrying the live content
  • A chat box letting your audience communicate with each other, with the event owner or with the host of your event.
  • A Twitter segment which could be set up to show the tweets for a specific hash tag. This could also be used for increasing the interactivity.
  • A Facebook segment showing the activity of a specific Facebook page.

We have options for this. If you have access to an Internet connection at the event location we can use it. This will help reduce our costs which means reducing your costs as well. If you are having trouble providing the internet, that’s OK. We can bring ours!

The speed of connection depends on the quality of the audio/video signal we’re transmitting. Most frequently we use Medium Quality for our broadcasts and that seems to provide a decent image quality for most occasions.

In order to be able to stream using our Medium Quality signal, we need an internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 1 Megabits per second.

One hour broadcast in the Medium Quality setting will use approximately 500 MB of your quota.

At Event On Air, we classify our broadcasts as Low Quality (Mobile)Medium Quality and High Quality. 

In most circumstances we go with the Medium Quality as it provides a very satisfactory image quality while offering a friendly usage of the bandwidth and the Internet quota. Numbers? Here they are:

  • Low Quality Broadcasts (Mobile) – 300 Kbps
  • Medium Quality Broadcasts – 600 Kbps
  • High Quality Broadcasts (HD) – 1500 Kbps

Yes we can! Please let us know beforehand that you will need a copy of your event. We will give you a high definition copy of it on a USB flash drive.

We use H264 codec due to its superior image quality and low disk usage!

No matter if we are on air or not, we can help you with this sort of issues. We can easily send a copy of our live output into the projector so the viewers in the hall can see the host on the big screen.

We can air your videos, no problem! This can be during the speech of the speaker, in between the segments of your event, or whenever you like. We have to get those videos from you at least two days before the event.

Of course, we are a full service production company! We can prepare the required videos for your events. We should be working to determine your needs and start the production phase at least two weeks before the actual event.

Yes. That is the power of online broadcasting and the social media!

A computer, a smart phone or a tablet with an Internet connection of at least 700 Kbps download speed will do. You can measure your download speed via the Speedtest website.

We can record your event with a multi-camera setup and give you the video at the end of the day. Or, we can just transfer the speaker’s image to the big screen in the hall.