What is Internet Broadcasting?

The terms live stream, webcast or webinar all refer to broadcasting audio and video signals live via the Internet. Now, with the help of developing technology, we can easily transfer live images to all around the globe.  A computer or a smart phone with Internet is all your audience needs in order to watch the live broadcast.


Why Live Streaming?

How many people can you reach at once? Imagine you have spent a few months preparing for a seminar that only a few hundred people will be able to attend. If you stream it you could easily reach thousands more. Live streaming will help you break the walls of conventional communication methods.

Break the boundaries. By streaming live your board room meeting, sport event or online learning course you will reach more people with less effort and less cost. And your audience members will be able to join you in the comfort of their house of office.


The Power of Interaction!

This way of communication involves live feedback from your audience! They can easily interact with the host of the event by sending their messages via the social media tools we provide. Imagine how this could increase the quality and diversity of your content!